Pete "Pistol" Murchison
Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Pete's been playing for quite a while, you could say he's been around. He has been pickin' and a grinnin' since the age of twelve. While at a Matt Minglewood show at "The Dock" in the dead of winter in 1994, he met up with Doug and the rest (as they say) is history. In February of 1995, Pete and Doug joined forces to create "sonofatrout".

Favorite Band: The Gourds
Favorite Tune: "Into the Great Wide Open" Tom Petty
Favorite Guitar: Fender Telecaster
Favorite Saying: "Fear my wrath, please fear my wrath"


Doug "It better be in tune!" Schwartz
Lead Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica

Doug, the leader, has also been around for a while. He's been playing since the age of 13 and he hasn't stopped since. Playing in such bands as "Outcrowd" and "Bubba's Jam Bone", Doug has mastered his craft. Meeting Pete at "Matt Minglewood" would prove to be the spawning of the trout.

Favorite Band: Los Lobos
Favorite Performer: Keith Richards
Favorite Guitar: Les Paul Custom
Favorite Saying: "Sorry, but this is a highly sophisti-ma-cated doowacky."


Mark "It's not a tuner, it's a tuna" McMillan

Mark loves his bass and boy does he play. He was
professionally trained on bass by Lloyd Hanson. Mark joined the band in the winter of 1998 responding to an ad for an exceptional bass player for sonofatrout. The bands prayers were answered in Mark.

Favorite Band: Frank Zappa
Favorite Tune: "Pump it up" Elvis Costello
Favorite Bass: 4 String Fender Jazz
Favorite Saying: "What key are we playing in?"


Bill "Fish Sticks" Wallace

Originally from Winnipeg, Bill has travelled East to lend his talents to sonofatrout. He joined the band in February of 2002 and he hasn't stopped bangin' those drums since. His secret passion for percussion...a good latino beat, go figure!

Favorite Band: The Guess Who
Favorite Tune: "So not over" Big Sugar
Favorite Kit: Pearl Studio
Favorite Saying: "What's next?"

Al "I lost my '75 Strat!" Pert
Lead Guitar

Guess who taught Doug to play guitar...that's right! Al is trained in classical guitar and is a true maritimer...he enjoys a good kitchen party. Al came to sonofatrout in June of 2002 as a second lead guitarist just to keep his eye on his student.

Favorite Band: Banarama
Favorite Tune: "Venus" Banarama
Favorite Guitar: '75 Strat
Favorite Saying: "I'm not leaving my stuff here ever again!"


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